installation instructions for ceiling fans light installation instructions of ceiling fans

Be sure to check it this screw,it must be attached to the down rod tightly,To prevent the whole part from being wobbled,the iron inserted pin needs to be inserted into the location the the arrow points to .
(1).Be sure to check this screw, it must be attached to the down rod tightly
(2).The iron inserted pin needs to be inserted into the location that the arrow points to,
(3).Insert the R shapes inserted pin to prevent the whole part from being wobbled.
Installation Steps:
1.(1).Drill the 2 expansion screws into the ceiling to fasted the mounting bracket,then tighten the screw with an open-end wrench.
  (2).Please note:If your ceiling is made of solid wood,you need to use the self-tapping screws,the installation is the same as above
  (3).The ceiling much support the weight of at least 40KG,just in case the ceiling will fall,which may cause danger,
2.(1).As is shown in the picture,attach the canopy to the down rod,assemble the joint cover to the down rod in turn.
   (2).Install the down rod on the electric motor and assemble the iron inserted pin to the location that the arrow points to.
3.(1).Put the electric motor and down rod in the mounting bracket,the down rod needs to be stuck by the black round part with the holes
  (2).Keep the motor flat,then connect the wires,Cover the canopy and fasten it in clockwise direction with a screwdriver,
  (3).Connecting the wires: the ceiling fan has a pulling switch,which includes 3 wires,the black and blue wires are the hot(+) wires,the white wire is the neutral(-)wire,If you need to use a wall switch or a remote control,read the instruction regarding how to connect the wires for the wall switch and the remote control.
4.Install the fan blades:
(1).The blades supporter on the fan blades has 3 holes,There are 3 holes in the electric motor,The screws need to be fastened after proper alignment of mounting holes,
(2).To ensure that the weight is balanced,the blades need to be installed diagonally,
(3).Mount the fan blades one by one,Please note:The fan blades can not be pressed.
(4).Make sure that each screw is tightened.
 5. Install the shade:
Put the shade in the electric motor and fasten the shade by using the screws,Once you confirm that shade will not fall off,you can loosen your hands,You have finished the installation of the ceiling fan.

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