48inch Modern Dinning Room Remote Metal Ceiling Fan Light

48"Ceiling Fan-4 metal blades,remote included

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48inch Modern Dinning Room Remote Metal Ceiling Fan Light of ceiling fan with light . it not only could decorate your house,but also let you enjoy your cool summer and warm winter by flowing wind. By day,it is a house decoration,while at night it also could light your house with energy-saving lamp and led bulbs.
Metal Ceiling Fan Light,4pcs fans blades with Metal material.
Motor type: AC Motor, 153mm *12mm
Location: Indoor
Blade Span: 48“,
Light source : Led Light
Control: wall control,remote control
Warranty: 10years for motor,1year for other spare parts

48inch-modern-dinning-room-remote-ceiling-fan-light 48inch-modern-dinning-room-remote-metal-ceiling-fan


  • Model:PL-5822
  • Size: 48″
  • Blades :4pcs (Metal Material)
  • Color :Sand Nickel 
  • Light source:Led Light
  • Voltage :AC110-240V
  • Power:50W-69W
  • Control :Wall Switch/Remote Control
  • Motor:AC motor 153*12mm

    48inch-modern-dinning-room-ceiling-fan-light 48inch-modern-remote-metal-ceiling-fan-light 48inch-dinning-room-remote-metal-ceiling-fan-light modern-dinning-room-remote-metal-ceiling-fan-light 48inch-modern-dinning-room-remote-metal-ceiling-fans

  • Led light included
  • 4pcs Metal Blades
  • 3 Speed remote control
  • Quiet Operations
  • 2 downrods included
    One 4” down rod,another 10”down rod
  • Reversible  motor allows you to change the direction of your fan from downdraft mode during the summer to updraft mode during the winter
  • The dining room ceiling fans is good for Energy conservation and carbon reduction,reducing carbon dioxide emissions.
    48inch-modern-dinning-room-remote-metal-ceiling-fans-lights 48inch-modern-dinning-room-metal-ceiling-fan-light
The  48inch Remote Metal Ceiling Fan Light can be used for kitchen,bedroom,dinning room,living room etc.
Metal Ceiling Fan Light could adjust indoor house temperature by like fans and slow down the electricity consume.
3 grades fast speed with nature wind could make you feel flowing fresh air both in summer and winter.
High bright soft light makes the house more charming and grace.
Ceiling Fan Light always could make a romantic atmosphere and make you feel comfortable.

48inch-modern-dinning-room-remote-metal-ceiling-fan-light 48inch-remote-metal-ceiling-fan-light 48inch-metal-ceiling-fan-lights remote-metal-ceiling-fan-light dinning-room-remote-metal-ceiling-fan-light 48inch-modern-dinning-room-remote-metal-ceiling-fans-light dinning-room-remote-metal-ceiling-fan-lights 48inch-modern-dinning-room-remote-metal-ceiling-fan-lights