50inch 3 Blades DC motor decorative ceiling fan

DC motor Ceiling Fan - 50inch 3 blades

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The 50inch 3 Blades DC motor decorative ceiling fan functions both as a light pendant and a ceiling fan.
This fan boasts a powerful DC motor which saves on energy costs by using up to 60%~70% less electricity than standard AC motor fans.5 speed for the remote control that controls the fan speed and lights

This ceiling fan is made using quality materials,which make the fans more sturdy and durable.
This ceiling fan cannot be mounted directly to ceiling, it must be installed with a down rod.

Motor type: DC MOTOR,
Location: Indoor
Blade Span: 50″
Blades: 3pcs(ABS  Plastic material)
Light source : Yes ( uses led 18w light )
Control: Remote Control

50inch-3-blades-dc-motor-decorative-ceiling-fans 50inch-3-blades-dc-motor-decorative-ceiling-fan

  • Model:PL-E760
  • Size:  50inch (1270mm )
  • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
  • Color: Teak color
  • Fan blade : 3 pcs(ABS  Plastic material)
  • Light Source:led 18w light 
  • Input Voltage: 110-240V   50~60HZ  
  • Control :Remote Control     
  • Motor:  Inverter DC motor      
  • Speed: 5 speed    
  • Time limited: 1/4/8 H
  • Diameter&Height:127CM&42CM  
 decorative-ceiling-fan 3-blades-decorative-ceiling-fans dc-motor-decorative-ceiling-fans 3-blades-dc-motor-decorative-ceiling-fans
Motor Advantage:
  • Whisper quiet powerful motor
  • Double sealed stainless steel bearings 
  • Selection of forward/reverse rotation
  • Please note, fan speed is determined by the remote control only. Fan is not compatible with a wall-mounted control.
  • Powerful DC motor with 5 speed or 6 speed settings
  • DC motor is Noiseless with only 20lb
  • Indoor use, perfect for large rooms
  • installation instructions included
  • Includes light: YES

3-blades-dc-motor-decorative-ceiling-fan dc-motor 50inch-dc-motor-ceiling-fan


The DC motor decorative ceiling fan can be used for kitchen,bedroom,dinning room,living room etc.
DC motor decorative ceiling fan could adjust indoor house temperature by like fans and slow down the electricity consume.
High bright soft light makes the house more charming and grace. Ceiling Fan Light always could make a romantic atmosphere and make you feel comfortable.
Unlike AC motors that use electricity to create a magnetic field, DC motors have their own built-in permanent magnets, so they use 3 to 5 times less electricity.

50inch-3-blades-dc-motor-ceiling-fan 50inch-3-blades-decorative-ceiling-fan dc-motor-decorative-ceiling-fan 50inch-dc-motor-decorative-ceiling-fan

50inch-3-blades-dc-motor-decorative-ceiling-fans 50inch-3-blades-dc-motor-decorative-ceiling-fan